Vacuum Cooling of Prepared Dishes

At present, The topic of prepared dishes is very hot, because it does save a lot of cost for hotels & restaurants. the pace of social life is getting faster and faster, Sometimes people is not willing to eat in a restaurant by waitting for an hour or more. Which has spawned the emergence of prepared food processing. The use of modern processing equipment in the central kitchen for prepared food has been developed by heavyweight chefs to analyze the characteristics of various ingredients, which makes the factory's industrialized prepared dishes often much higher than those made by local people. These are the advantages of prepared dishes, today we will focus on the advantages of prefabricated dishes themselves.

As a pre-processing link of ingredients, prepared dishes need to be processed in advance, and the end customer will not use them immediately, so how can we make the prepared dishes maintain stable quality when customer receive it? The rapidy cooling after cooked is essential to its quality.

During vacuum cooling, there is no any mediums contact with food, acheive "food itself cooling" in a sealed container,Avoid food contamination caused by contact with the air, Cooling prepared dished down from 90C to 20C only takes around 5mins, and vacuum cooling +does not change the color, taste and shape of the food, greatly improving the production capacity of the prepared dish, improving the freshness of the prepared dish, so that the quality of the prepared dish is more secure.

The advantages of vacuum cooling

  • Shorten cooling time (from 100°C to 30°C only takes 3 to 6 minutes).
  • Reduce the risk of bacteria contamination, and extend shelf life
  • Compact design,The product can be cooled in 20 m2 equipment instead of 250 m2 cooling tower
  • Less weight loss because cooling is only carried out by evaporation
  • Shorten the production process time or reduce the energy consumption