fungi and compost COOLING

Mushrooms are known for their ability to grow quickly, often seemingly overnight. Unfortunately, the rate of decay is also very rapid, and most mushroom varieties begin to decay rapidly after harvesting there,except for proper cooling and storage, unfortunately,Even when carefully stored, it has a relatively short shelf life compared to many other types of products.

After the mushroom is picked, its respiration will be more intense, especially after the compact packaging, the inside of the mushroom will produce a large amount of heat, if the heat cannot be removed quickly, it will cause the mushroom to rot quickly, and Compared with other products, their shorter shelf life. Once harvested, mushrooms are highly susceptible,The growth of bacteria. They quickly dehydrate and deteriorate unless they are quickly cooled and kept atCorrect storage temperature. Therefore, to find a fast and correct way of pre-cooling is critical to the quality of mushrooms.

In recent years, more and more mushroom growers have turned to vacuum precooling, which can quickly reduce the temperature to storage tempaterature 2C in 20 minutes. We are proud of the quality of our pre-coolers that we provide to dozens of mushroom growers each year. Vegfor produces excellent vacuum cooling machine annd know how importance of proper temperature and moisture control, which play a key role after harvesting the mushrooms, Ensuring adequate quality and longer shelf life.