How food vacuum cooler works ?

Put cooked high-temperature food into a vacuum chamber. The equipment realizes a fast, high-efficiency and energy-saving vacuum system through the three-stage vacuuming form of water ring pump, steam jet and high-efficiency heat exchanger. The vacuum chamber can quickly reach a vacuum state with low energy, so that the heat in the food can be released in a short time, without contact with the external heat transfer medium, and realize the "self-cooling" of the food,It's a cooling way which more energy saving and low consumption.The European IP69K sanitary grade vacuum chamber increases the sanitary grade of the equipment and avoids the possibility of secondary contamination of food in the vacuum chamber.



The food vacuum cooler uses the cooling way of bacteria-controlled, and it only takes 3-10 minutes (depending on the foods) to cool foods dwons from high temperature to normal temperature (20-25°C), and 8-18 minutes to drop below 10°C . Compared with the traditional cooling methods, the food vacuum cooler only needs 1/40 of the traditional cooling time. Proudction could be double increased due to the high cooling efficiency. Can be recover the machine cost after few years. And vacuum cooling increases the foods quality, prevents bacterial growth, prolongs the shelf life, and is more hygienic! Our intelligent soup vacuum cooling system can cool different kinds of delicacies soup; European IP69K design, the equipment is easy to clean, not afraid of bacterial intrusion, and will not cause secondary pollution to the production workshop.

Bakery Foods

Applying with vacuum cooling,Only takes 10mins to cool bakery products down to a temperature (20-25°C),Improving your baking efficiency.

Rice & Sushi

Due to the rapid vacuum cooling, can cool rice & sushi down to the desired 30 - 35 ⁰C in just a few minutes, leaving bacteria no time to multiply.

Cooked Meats

With vacuum cooling, the meat can be cooled down to storage temperature within 15 minutes. Saving on energy costs & cooling time, and increasing shelf life.

Steamed foods

Vacuum cooling has been proven,is the best cooling way to steamed foods,such as wheaten food,it keeps the premium taste and strongly increased shelf life.


Vacuum cooling is essential to preserve dishes taste and avoid the growth of bacterias. Rapid cooling avoids the temperature of bacterias growth.


We are one of the few manufacturers that can vacuum cool soups, our intelligent soup cooling system can cool different kinds of dishes with soups.

Cooling Advantages

Compared with other cooling methods, vacuum cooling has many advantages. It is the fastest cooling method foods in the world so far, and the temperature inside and outside of the cooling material is uniform, and there is no pollution caused by contact. Due to the fast cooling speed and short time, the food will not have dehydration in locality area of food, chapping and other phenomena caused by air cooling.

The intelligent cooling adjustment system ensures that the temperature of the surface and the center of the product is almost the same (±2°C) after cooling, and the cooling process quickly passes through the high temperature oxidation period, making the color bright. It ensures that the microstructure of the product is not damaged, so that the taste and appearance are better. Quickly cooling leaves bacteria no time to multiply ,and extend the shelf life.

Bacteria Control

Temperature is one of the more important parameters affecting food quality and safety. Within the temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacterial reproduction; the higher the temperature, the faster the reproduction (generally the suitable temperature for microbial growth is 28°C-37°C). Rapid cooling greatly shortens the cooling process of food materials. Time in this dangerous temperature zone reduces the risk of bacterial growth and extends shelf life.

Steam system is dual-purpose. In addition to being used as a vacuum energy source, steam can also be used for high temperature sterilization of the equipment that cannot be disassembled and cleaned before the equipment works. Kill bacteria and microorganisms on the inner wall of the pipeline, prevent food from being contaminated, and ensure our food safety.

Automatic Production line

The vacuum vacuum cooler has a compact design, only occupy a small space for installation, but high cooling efficiency. So It can meet well the installation requirements of customer's automatic production lines. Vacuum cooler is controlled by intelligent PLC system, temperature controlled precisely, and the whole operation can be realized without manual intervention. It can not only reduce people's labor intensity, make people get rid of manual labor to enrich cultural life, and greatly liberate productivity, but also save time and improve efficiency. Production costs, and reduce the waste of raw materials.

Energy Saving

Our food vacuum cooler saves space, labor, water, electricity, and steam, improves production efficiency, Could recovers costs in 1-2 years. The intelligent composite chiller can switch the operation mode intelligently according to different seasons to save energy.

Comparison of Ring Speed Fresh Food Cooling and Other Cooling: Our vacuum cooler can be up to 94% more energy-efficient than the traditional air cooling (winter operation mode). 0.1~0.3㎡/h, compressed air consumption is 0.02m³/h, steam consumption is 0~20kg/batch. Compared with the traditional air cooling, the energy saving is about 89%. At the same time, it saves space, shortens the production cycle, reduces the risk of pollution, guarantees the taste, and maintains the hygiene of the workshop.