Vacuum Cooling of Soup

The advantage of vacuum cooling is that the cooling rate is fast, shortening the processing time of food, thereby increasing the output; After vacuum cooling, the shape of the food changes slightly; The quality and texture of food are mostly better than air-cooled products; In vacuum cooling, there is no outside air except for the vehicle food entering and leaving the vacuum outdoor. It is therefore more hygienic than the air-cooled method and allows for an increase in shelf life. Under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of the liquid will be reduced, so when using vacuum cooling technology to cool down cooked food, especially food containing soup or liquid food, it is easy to produce boiling and splashing phenomenon,So how to control the splash in the vacuum pre-cooling process of cooked food with soup or liquid food, is an urgent problem we need to solve.

Our vacuum system apply with a stepped step-down method to control the vacuum level to provent soup or food liquid splash when cooling, We are one of the few manufacturers that can vacuum cool soup

The advantages of vacuum cooling

  • Shorten cooling time (from 100°C to 30°C only takes 3 to 6 minutes).
  • Reduce the risk of bacteria contamination, and extend shelf life
  • Compact design,The product can be cooled in 20 m2 equipment instead of 250 m2 cooling tower
  • Less weight loss because cooling is only carried out by evaporation
  • Shorten the production process time or reduce the energy consumption