Vacuum Cooling of Steamed Buns

Quick-frozen buns are generally frozen after steaming, but the temperature of the freshly steamed buns is high, and the bun skin is very soft and has no elasticity, so it cannot withstand squeezing. And because the temperature of the bun is too high, it is easy to form water droplets when the bun is in contact with the packaging bag with a relatively low temperature, which makes the bun skin absorb water and become soft and sticky, and it is also easy to breed bacteria. So cooling the steamed bun to close to room temperature rapidly can retain most of the taste and flavor of the fresh bun, avoid the skin of the bun from hardening due to the loss of moisture, and also extend the shelf life.

Vacuum Cooling can cool surface and inside buns to a uniform temperature, the cooling process quickly passes the high temperature oxidation period, so that the color is bright as fresh and extend the shelf life. It ensures that the microstructure of the product is not destroyed, so that the taste and appearance are better.

The advantages of vacuum cooling

  • Shorten cooling time (from 100°C to 30°C only takes 3 to 6 minutes).
  • Reduce the risk of bacteria contamination, and extend shelf life
  • Compact design,The product can be cooled in 20 m2 equipment instead of 250 m2 cooling tower
  • Less weight loss because cooling is only carried out by evaporation
  • Shorten the production process time or reduce the energy consumption
  • Buns physical properties not change during short cooling process, ensuring fresh taste